Common Reasons Your Dishwasher Is Making a Strange Noise

15 July 2022
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If you are like many homeowners, you could not imagine life without the convenience of your dishwasher. Unfortunately, perhaps your otherwise trusty dishwasher is beginning to not work correctly and is making some strange noises that have you concerned. Here are a few odd noises that might be coming from your dishwasher and the reason behind the noises. Bumping or Thumping Noise During the Wash Cycle If your dishwasher is making a noticeably loud bumping, banging, or thumping noise only during the wash cycle, there are several potential causes. Read More 

Common Refrigerator Issues You Can Fix

10 March 2022
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A refrigerator is a major appliance in the home that you don't necessarily think too much about until it stops working and you are about to waste a lot of food that you have spent a good deal of money on. Your refrigerator holds a lot inside, and when you think about it all going bad, it can just about make you ill. If your refrigerator isn't working, there may be some things you can do to help repair it. Read More