4 Issues You May Be Having With Your Washing Machine

13 April 2020
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You depend on your washing machine to get your clothes clean, which is why it can be so stressful when it breaks down. Here are some common problems you can run into that will require an appliance repair company to help you.

Broken Lid Switch

If you have an old washing machine that is not working at all, it could be a problem as simple as a broken lid switch. Old washing machines have a physical switch that is pressed in when you close the lid, which signals the washer that it is safe to run. However, a broken switch won't be able to send the signal that the lid is closed. You'll need to have a replacement part installed to fix this problem. 

Broken Door Lock

Front loading washing machines require a door lock to ensure that the door doesn't open while it is mid-cycle. It is possible that the door lock is broken and will not release, trapping your clothes inside. It is also possible for the opposite to happen, where the door isn't able to lock so that the wash cycle will not start. Thankfully, there should be an emergency release on a front loading washer that will allow you to manually open the door, but you still need to have the door lock repaired. 

Broken User Interface Board

The controls on the washing machine that you use to set the washing machine are called the user interface board. Unfortunately, this control board can break after years of use. The good news is that the control board is an easy part to swap out, and nothing is wrong with the mechanics of the washing machine that actually get the clothes clean. 

Broken Suspension Rods

Front load and top load washers can have suspension rods that are broken. This is the part that suspends the tub in the washing machine, and it essentially acts as a shock for the tub. You can test the suspension rods by pressing down on the tub and seeing how it reacts. If the rods are working properly, the tub should pop right back into place. Broken rods are going to cause the tub to bounce excessively, and cause a lot of noise while the machine is in use. 

If you're expecting a problem with your washing machine, reach out to a local appliance repair service so that you can make sure it is fixed correctly.