Repair Or Replace: Signs Your Washing Machine Should Be Replaced Instead Of Repaired

7 October 2017
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If your washing machine is leaky, making strange noises, won't turn on, or you are encountering other issues, you may think that it is time to replace your machine. However, in many cases, the machine can be repaired, rather than replaced. This helps you to save money, extend the life of your washing machine, and keep the machine from prematurely going to the landfill. But, while many issues can be repaired, sometimes it is not in the best interest of the machine to repair it. In some cases, it is actually better to replace the machine. Here are a few of the tell-tale signs that let you know that a repair may be something that you don't even want to bother with:

The Washing Machine is Rusty

Properly maintaining your washing machine helps to prevent rust. But, even the most well-maintained machines may rust at some point, especially if you live in a humid environment or your machine is kept in the garage. If your washing machine is beginning to rust and then it stops working, it is not usually worth repairing. The rust will continue to spread and deteriorate the machine. As such, if your machine is rusting, it may be time to look into replacing it. 

It is Hard or Expensive to Find Replacement Parts

Another reason why you may not want to repair a washing machine is that parts are expensive or hard to come by for the type of washing machine you have. The older your washing machine is, the harder it will be to find parts. Likewise, some machines that have been discontinued are harder to find parts for, and some manufacturers make their parts harder to obtain than others. If a repair company has to hunt down parts, it may take too long or cost too much to repair your washing machine.

The Machine is Eight Years Old or Older

A washing machine has an expected lifespan of about 11 years when the unit is properly maintained. If your unit is eight years old or older, it has lived up to its life expectations and is now on the decline. If you repair the issue you are experiencing, you may find that you encounter other issues in quick succession as the various parts of the machine begin to reach the end of their life and break down. If your machine is eight years or older and needs repairs, you may want to consider replacing it. 

If your washing machine is not working properly and you are on the fence about whether it should be repaired or replaced, a washing machine repair company can help you. They can examine your machine, determine what the issue is and then give you their professional opinion on whether it is worth repairing or replacing the machine based on its age, condition and the cost of the repair. 

Contact a washing machine repair service for more information and assistance.