Why Is Your Washing Machine So Noisy?

26 September 2017
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Excessive noise is not typical for a well-functioning washing machine. More often than not, the noise coming from your washing machine is a sign that it needs washer repair services. Some of the possible reasons for your washing machine being too noisy are listed below.

Damaged Drain Pump Motor

If your washing machine creates excessive noise during or after the spin cycle, chances are that the drain pump motor has been damaged. The drain pump motor pumps water from the wash tub. This can also mean that there are foreign objects clogging the pump motor's impeller. Washer repair technicians can check and replace the motor if it's damaged. Other front load washers, however, have a compact pump. In these types of washers, the whole pump and not just the motor will be replaced.

Malfunctioning Direct Drive Motor Coupling

Vibrating noise is often caused by problems with the direct drive motor coupling. The direct drive motor coupling transfers power from the motor to the transmission. The drive coupling is attached to the motor on one side and to the transmission on another. Even normal use will create wear and tear on the coupling. The malfunctioning motor coupling can prevent the transmission from spinning the basket freely. Appliance repair services will replace the drive coupler to fix this problem.

Worn-Out Shock Absorbers

Constant banging noise throughout the spinning cycle can be caused by worn-out shock absorbers. As all front-load washers operate by spinning rapidly, the manufacturers install shock absorbers to dampen the tub movement. The shock absorbers are attached to the base frame and to the outer tub. Because of their function, shock absorbers are prone to wear and tear. However, you should not ignore weak shock absorbers because constant banging and unregulated movement of the tub can cause more expensive damages to the entire machine. Have your appliance repair technician install new shock absorbers in your machine if you notice leaks and strong banging sounds created by the tub.

Your washing machine is noisy because some of its parts may need repair or replacement. After all, most washing machines operate through rapid spinning and violent movements of the tub. Even with normal use, some of its parts, such as the drain pump motor, drive motor couplers, and shock absorbers, are prone to damage and malfunctioning because they receive much of the impact of the movements of the tub. If you hear the excessive noise after the spin cycle, vibrating noise, or banging noise, these parts might have been worn out. Seek appliance repair services to have them fixed ASAP before other parts of the washing machine are damaged.